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Welcome to PolyLove.life, a community resource for all things related to .

I started this project to provide the missing field guide to polyamory. Our little community is small, mighty, and full of strong opinions. We're scattered across different platforms, sharing knowledge in different formats, and growing up as a community with an identity.

Unfortunately, this fragmentation has created an environment that can be difficult to navigate and unwelcoming to the new and curious.

This site hopes to solve that issue.

Our mission is to be a clear, simple, and comprehensive guide to polyamory. If you identify as polyamorous, know someone who is, or are simply curious, you'll find something for you here.

Polyamory can be confusing and scary, but it doesn't have to be. We hope to demystify the concepts, vocabulary, and social norms. By learning and empathizing with us, we hope those fears fade away.

After all, we're just people that are full of love.

So what comes next?

I'll be working on this site over the next few months and hope to have a small set of content available soon. I'll seek early feedback, and hope to iterate on our foundational structure to get a point of stability. As the site matures, I'll want your feedback too!

For right now, sit tight, enjoy the winter months, and check back again in a few weeks. I can't wait to share more with you soon.